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Family of Edward WATSON and Hannah NEWHOUSE

Husband: Edward WATSON (chr.1805)
Wife: Hannah NEWHOUSE ( -1846)
Children: Robert WATSON (chr.1828)
John WATSON (chr.1831)
Sarah WATSON (chr.1834)
James WATSON (chr.1837, d.1838)
Thomas WATSON (chr.1839, d.1841)
William WATSON (1842-1920)
Mary WATSON (chr.1846, d.1846)
Marriage May 1828 Long Preston

Husband: Edward WATSON

Name: Edward WATSON
Sex: Male
Father: James WATSON (1778- )
Mother: Sarah SIMPSON ( - )
Birth Bolton by Bowland
Christening 19 Jan 1805 Bolton by Bowland
Occupation Cotton dresser

Wife: Hannah NEWHOUSE

Name: Hannah NEWHOUSE
Sex: Female
Father: Robert NEWHOUSE ( - )
Mother: Mary WRAY ( - )
Death 1846

Child 1: Robert WATSON

Name: Robert WATSON
Sex: Male
Christening 5 Oct 1828 Long Preston
Occupation Saddler

Child 2: John WATSON

Name: John WATSON
Sex: Male
Christening 17 Jul 1831 Long Preston
Occupation Cotton piecer (age 10)

Child 3: Sarah WATSON

Name: Sarah WATSON
Sex: Female
Christening 27 Apr 1834 Long Preston

Child 4: James WATSON

Name: James WATSON
Sex: Male
Christening 25 Jan 1837 Long Preston
Death 1838

Child 5: Thomas WATSON

Name: Thomas WATSON
Sex: Male
Christening 10 May 1839 Settle, Yorkshire
Death 1841

Child 6: William WATSON


William WATSON


Spouse: Susannah WILLIAMS

Name: William WATSON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Susannah WILLIAMS (1845-1909)
Birth 1842 Settle, Yorkshire
Christening 5 Jan 1842 (age 0) Settle, Yorkshire
Occupation Tea Blender
Death 7 Mar 1920 (age 77-78) West Derby

Child 7: Mary WATSON

Name: Mary WATSON
Sex: Female
Christening 24 May 1846 Settle, Yorkshire
Death 1846