The HUNTRISS Connection


Private William Huntriss was the son of the late William and Hannah Huntriss. He joined the 4th Bn., The King's (Liverpool Regiment) and died on Friday, 15th February 1918, aged 23 after many operations for his injuries. He is buried at Liverpool (Anfield) cemetery, section 17, C1332.

Anfield Cemetery is on the West of the city, in the old parish of Walton-on-the-Hill. It belongs to the Corporation, and was opened in 1853. It contains two adjacent War Plots, in which 201 sailors, soldiers and airmen are buried, and in which the names of the dead are carved on screen walls. Other War Graves are scattered throughout the cemetery. The War Graves are classified as follows:

Sailors, soldiers, Marines and airmen from the United Kingdom 394
Overseas Military Forces of Canada 8
Australian Imperial Force 5
Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserve2
British West Indies Regiment 2
Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps 1
South African Expeditionary Force 1
Mercantile Marine 6
Australian Mercantile Marine 1
Chinese Labour Corps 3

Eighty-six of these graves are those of officers and men of the King's Liverpools. The Register records particulars of 421 War Graves. There is also buried and commemorated in one of the War Plots the following soldier who died after the official termination of the war. CHINESE LABOUR CORPS. Three labourers of the Chinese Labour Corps are buried in XVII. C. 92, 240, 279.