The HUNTRISS Connection


Checking invoices

My dear Papa

I received your letter etc and have done what you asked me. I make the first two invoices right but in the third I find a difference of seven shillings owing to a mistake of 10 ?? instead of 20, I added it up several times but it always came to the same amount.

We had some warm weather...

here for a few days but today it has turned very cold and windy ahas been raining hard all day

When your letter came to directed to the school Mr K told me that he preferred making them directed to his house, for school season. I don't know unless there is a chance of having them lost at the school.

I went over these invoices at the house with no help at all and told Mr Morgan your message from Mr Foster but he told me ??? to tell him that he thought him a very shallow fellow for never writing to him.

I am stopping from school today with a back ache and sore throat which I suppose I caught by having to stop on the heath on the rain last night.

I have nothing more to say so with love to all, I remain your affectionate boy.