The HUNTRISS Connection


Headaches and a paper chase

I have nothing much to say so you should not exect a long letter, besides my head aches fit to split and has done all day for the third time since Ihave been back.

I do not want any more books. I often find the work in this much more than I can get through so I don't expect to get a single merit ...

... holiday. I did not dislike the taste of that cheese you sent me; I am sorry to hear that Radciffe is so poorly.

we are to have the paper chase next Saturday - almost everyone is taking part. If I can, I want to write another letter tonight as I have a little spare time, so with much love to all, I remain your affectionate son.

Ps If my jackdaw is much of a nuisance it can be got rid of though I'd rather have it kept. I have only two more stamps left.