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Child 1: William RICHARDSON

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  • William RICHARDSON

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  • Male

Note on Husband: RICHARDSON - shared note



John Richardson, Scarbrough, Gentleman. dated 27.1.1792, proved August 1794 (f.172)


Dorothy Richardson[1273] of Scarbrough, Spinster, daughter of Edward Richardson[of Robinhoods Bay [1272]

[farms, messuages etc at Stow Brow, Fylingdales in occ of Richard Sedman & others]

Sarah Huntriss [1271] wife of Edward Huntriss[1270] of Robinhoods Bay, Mariner

Thomas Dobbins of St George in the East, Middlesex, Merchant; John Halley of Scarbrough, Esquire & William Hall of Scarbrough, Gentleman (trustees)

William Richardson[2558]itby, brother of the said Edward Richardson

children of Robert Richardson, son of the said William Richardson

children of Sarah Huntriss, daughter of the said Edward Richardson

Robert Richardson of Sunderland, Co. Durham & his son Robert Richardson & daughter Ann Richardson

Thomas Clarkson, nephew of the said Edward & William Richardson

Elizabeth Gain wife of Thomas Gain of Milton, Kent & daughter of my cousin John Richardson decd

John, George & Judith Smith, children of the said Elizabeth Gain by a former husband

Clarissa Barker daughter of the said Thomas Dobbins

wit: Jas Dickinson, Jo: N: Vickerman, Geo: Stockton

codicil dated 19.11.1793

servants Frances Munkman & Mary Resfield


William Coverdale, Robinhoods Bay, Fylingdales. Gent. dated 13.8.1761, proved

20.12.1762 (f.515)

wife Merriam

[3 new built messuages on Stow Beck Hill in Fylingdales in the tenure of Richard

Sedman, Mary Emersome & [blank] Scott]

nephew John Richardson

brother in law Mr John Moorsome

children of my late brother in law Robert Moorsome decd

children of my late brother in law Richard Moorsome decd

children of my late sister in law Mrs Jane Storm decd


[farm etc on Stowp Brow in Fylingdales in occupation of Richard Sedman]

nephew Coverdale Richardson

[farm etc called Flask Farm in occupation of John Rymer]

niece Dorothy Richardson

wit: John Clarkson, Mattw Reddy, Edwd Cayley