Most of the early references to the Huntriss family come fromĀ Scarborough.

The very similar name of Huntrodds can be found in nearby Robin Hoods Bay and Whitby. Are the two sets of names related? I think they could be, but can’t be sure. The way the Huntriss name is written in documents of the time (see theĀ family bible) could easily be misinterpreted, and records of the North Riding society suggest that the names could be alternates.

The Nevada Community History Society shows details of Pearson Huntrods . . .

. . . which bear more than a passing resemblance to that of Pearson Huntriss in my family tree.

Remembering birthdays and wedding anniversaries was not a problem for Frances and Mary Huntrodds, who are commemorated in St Mary’s Church in Whitby. The pair were born on 19th September 1600, married on their birthday, and died within a few hours of each other on 19th September 1680.