The HUNTRISS Connection


A significant proportion of the material on this site has been provided by others, and I am very grateful to all who have helped. This page lists just some of those who have provided information.

Richard Charles Huntriss Mike Huntriss kindly provided me with a copy of the handwritten family tree compiled in 1994 by his father ,which was in turn based on information collected by his grandfather, with later additions from various sources.
Simon GilesSimon first contacted me in 2001 as part of his research into the family history of his mother (Evelyn Huntriss). He was kind enough to share with me all the information he had gathered regarding the family name.
Eileen LynchSome years ago, I received an email out of the blue offering some papers regarding a member of the Huntriss family. My initial reaction was to be cautious, concerned that this would come at a cost. Within a few days, a package arrived from Tasmania, containing a scrapbook containing newspaper cuttings collected by the parents of Hector Huntriss, relating to the activities of the Liverpool Scottish Regiment in which he served during WW1. Eileen discovered this notebook after she had acquired a bundle of other books; whilst she had no direct interest in the notebook (she is not related in any way), she recognised that it could be of interest to family members, and took the trouble to contact me. I am so grateful to her for her thoughtfulness.
Pam Gouldon As part of my research, I had written to some of the Huntriss family in the hope of discovering more about our past. One of these was to Mrs Vera Huntriss; her neighbour had given my letter to her niece, who advise me that Vera had sadly passed away. Pam said that she had in her possession a number of papers that related to Mrs Huntriss and her husband Gerald. She had kept the papers even though they had no relevance to her (as she was not a blood relative), she thought that they may be of interest to someone, and was pleased to be able to pass these on to me. Again, her thoughtfulness is appreciated.
Jonathan (Chip) TolsonJonathan kindly provided the photograph of the six Huntriss cousins killed in WW1
Angela BarrattAngela was a neighbour of Gerald Huntriss, and was kind enough to let me have many photographs of Gerald and his family.
Caroline Jones Caroline is one of two daughters of the late Mark Huntriss Jones; Mark had an interest in his Huntriss ancestry, and Caroline was able to provide me with various details - including the photograph of William Huntriss (1804-1883), her great great grandfather.
Jean TregaskesJean, a family friend and former history teacher who now lives in South Devon, was good enough to research the Came family (my wife's family) which originated from that part of the world.
Steve LightfootAs part of his research into Leeds and Bradford photographic studios, Steve bought on Ebay some photographs of William Huntriss and his family, which he has been kind enough to share with me.
David WatsonMy mother's full name was Eileen Watson Huntriss - her middle name was her own mother's maiden name. Information on the Watson family is based on research by David Watson, which was passed on to me by my cousin Ailsa.
Jennifer ForsythJennifer has provided further information about "Uncle Hec"" , and George Huntriss, Hector's father.It was George who compiled these cuttings about his son's regiment's activities in WW1.
Massimo MartelliMassimo, who lives near Turin, runs the Pralymania website. He is a friend of the Sartorio family, and has shared various photos and letters relating to George Huntriss and his family.
Cheryl WilliamsCheryl lives in Seattle, and is the great-grand-daughter of John Huntriss, who moved to North America in the early years of the 20th century. The various letters and photos that she has shared with me make fascinating reading.
Richard MortonRichard is a descendant of the Gyles family, and kindly provided images relating to Charlotte Gyles and William Huntriss, her husband.
Kurt-Friedrich GanzlKurt is a writer historian, casting director and singer who alerted me to a photo of Lucy Huntriss
Marc Blackmore-DwanMarc acquired a psinting of Lucy Huntriss, and was kind enough to provide photos of the painting and of the associated labels
David Loose David acquired a bundle of Victorian letters written by a schoolboy. That schoolboy turned out to be Charles Huntriss, and David was good enough to pass them on to me.