The HUNTRISS Connection


On the bottle

It is a long time since I wrote to any of you but I have been brewing up things to tell you.

I suppose you know that I was poorly a week or two ago and away from school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mr K said it pulled me down so that he gave me port wine to the alarming extent of two ...

... glasses a day for three days.

Thank Ned for his letters and Mr ???? says he had rather that he write a lot more to me and you too but he says that I need not answer them until I please.

Tell Ned that I have got a lot of little Pickwicks on my finger and that I want him to send me some little pictures to make my corner ??? I have got some things in the way of pictures but I sadly want some more.

There is a rage for flowers now and we have got a lot outside our bedroom window.I myself have got a little rose and big scented clove carnations and small verbena and a little fuschia and there are loads more seeds and flowers of other fellows.

It is supper time now I must conclude. I remain your affectionate son