The HUNTRISS Connection


A jolly snake

Thank you very much for the letter and the calendar.

It has been very jolly for the two last two or three days, for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday there was a small bazaar across the road. Some of the chaps went I among them and I and some more exhibited some animals, my tortoise was with them.

We got eleven shillings on the first day and only about four othe 3rd on the second we did not go.. Yesterday some of us went to the sports in the afternoon.

A lot of fellows in the house have got what Kemp. calls spurious measles as it is measles but not very bad.

My tortoise is so jolly lively it runs about the garden and eats grass and worms. I oiled its shell to take to the bazaar and it shone so jolly. It passes all its time in the garden I scarcely ever touch it.

Tonight at church we had Pilgrims of the night for the last hymn they don't sing it properly.

I went with a chap to see his rabbits and things he has got such as a jolly snake - it is so cold and you can tie it round your neck it is not a poisonous one it swallows little frogs alive.

And now with best wishes to all I remain, your affectionate boy

PS it was because I was absent that I lost my merit holiday. All the other masters give average marks for it but I am almost certain this one does not so I have often heard because I have got no bad marks and done very well beside.