The HUNTRISS Connection


Slippers, a rail journey and Virgil

I am writing about my slippers which were not packed - I mean the wool worsted ones and I want to know if I shall get an order for a new pair here. Mr Tyson will send me those they were rather small for me but I could wear them. If you do send them please don't forget to pay the carriage and will you answer this as soon as you get same because until you do I have none to wear.

I have been promoted to the 2nd special.

I was not sick in the train because when I began to feel asort of qualm creeping over me I folded up the bag used it as a pillow, laid down on the seat and dozed - but the seat was so hard that it has made me quite sore. I was lying down all the way from Leicester Dykes or somewhere about there or getting up at the stations.

When I unpacked my clock I found that it had got spoilt and will not go at all but I will leave it alone till next holiday.

My feet and legs were so icy cold in the train I thought they might drop off.

It has been rather cold here today and been snowing a very little.

Now with best love to all I must conclude your affectionate son

PS Please send be a Virgil and a 1st vol of Chrestomatie. I have given Pitman only one cake of Parkin and have kept the other two downstairs

Please will you send me one of those largest size hooks to put my watch on Jess knows the sort I mean.


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Leicester Dykes

Leicester Dykes could refer to Raw Dykes - a Roman earthwork and scheduled monument in Leicester. The monument consists of two parallel banks up to 20 metres apart, with an excavated channel running between them. A stretch 110 metres long survives, but originally the earthwork was at least 550 metres in length.

The field to the east is now the site of the King Power stadium, the home of Leicester city FC