The HUNTRISS Connection


Nothing to report - except for reports

I ought to write to you though I don't know a word to say.

I suppose Harold has told you that we began long hours last week on the day after the merit holiday.

Our reports are very satisfactory for Harold, and satisfactory for me. I am reading a book called Handy Andy it is very jolly.

My face is breaking out like Jessies but not so badly but I fancy it is only the cold wind and weather.

I have not ...

... seen Bob Whitworth for a good long time I believe though I am not certain he is poorly but don't say anything about it to any of his people because I very likely am wrong.

It wants five weeks today until we come home which is I suppose you know soon after Easter but we have three days at Easter.

My common coat and waistcoat are worn out at the braid and buttons and so I am wearing my best until they come back and now with love to all I conclude I remain your affectionate son