The HUNTRISS Connection


Going home

I could not write to you last Sunday becasue I was at Wimbledon for my merit holiday which was from Friday at 12 till Monday at 9, thought I did not go straight there over the City of London Brewery and then Leadenhall Market; there was rather a heavy storm there but London was in an awfully dirty mess.

The Wednesday before I had to go to Wimbledon to play in a football match so I stopped rather later than the other fellows and went to tea at the same place I went to for the merit.

Thanks for your letter and the paper. I never knew anything about Morton's leaving.

You may expect to see me at home tomorrow (Thursday) week. I shall start from Kings Cross by the 8 o'clock train which gets to home at 2-20 so mind and have the dog-cart sent to the station as I dont want to have walk back all dusty and carrying all my hat boxes and umbrellas etc.

Tell Harold I shall bring home my canaries if he wants to know.

Here is a crest for Bess if she cares about it.

I don't think I shall write home again unless perhaps on a post card though I shall expect to hear again from you.

I wish I could get a day's holiday from school for hurting my nose.

I have nothing else to say so with best love to all I remain yours affectionately,