The HUNTRISS Connection


Skating and ... too much information

I am very glad to hear you are getting better and able to get downstairs; I hope you will soon be able to come to London. We have had a very little sleeting here today on some awamped fields but there was only a place about the size of the schoolroom fit to skate on, our feet kept going threough to the grass in the other parts. There will be some people skating tomorrow I think.

I promised Bob Whitworth I would write to him but I have not had time to yet. I rather miss him on half holidays.

It is said that there will be no more skating after this for 2 years so Jessie had better make haste and learn if she is interested to.

I managed to gulp down the egg and one sandwich on the journey and then near London I was fully sick out of the window. If the next carriage windows had been open it would have blown withithin.

I had that gent with the black beard ???? there like Dr Waite but shorter and fatter in the carriage with me and after Grantham then we had a talk to ourselves ...

because I could not go down to go to sleep two or three times as I always do coming back here.

It was awfully slippery her a day or two ago a horse fell on the hill in front of the school and stunned itself.

I have nothing more to say so with love to all I remain your affectionate son

PS you will perhaps see an envelope with my writing on it - it only a circular which I had to address about the gymnasium