The HUNTRISS Connection


Not happy ...

Thank you for your letter and for Lelly's which I ought to have answered though I don't suppose it matters so long as I write to some one. I would have written sooner only I have been in bed since Sunday evening with a bad headache and sore throat and I only got up today for the first time, I don't know whether ...

... I shall have to go to school tomorrow or not as the doctor said he would send me two pills tonight. Of course I lost my merit - I never expected to get it, but I had it given as I was new to the form though I only went to the Crystal Palace.

When I asked for my liberty Mr Kempthorne as usual would neither say yes or no and that is just as good as a no because he always puts off until one gets tired of asking him so if I have not a special letter to ask for it I shall never get it at all; besides I am ...

... as high up in the school as I can possibly get.

I have heard nothing at all about any engagement, how could I when I had never been told. What engagement is it?

I can't write any more as my head aches and my hand trembles so with stopping in bed so with love to all, I remain your affectionate son.

PS here is the photograph I promised Polly