The HUNTRISS Connection


Decision time

I think you were talking some time ago about me leaving school and going into some kind of business. I had not then made up my mind what I should like to be, and consequently did not give you any direct answer, but since I came back this term I have been thinking a good deal about it; and as you say you do not think I should stop ...

... long in any manufacturing business in consequence of not knowing enough (I myself do not take much interest in it) I think the best thing I could do is to farm, as I dare say you know I have a liking for such things and I should be more likely to get on in that than in business and so I would like to get to it as soon as I conveniently could if it would not be very much against your wishes.

If you have resolved that I am to go into business I think I have learned as much here that I shall want as I am likely to, for things keep...

...recurring in business which I do not learn here, so you can hardly expect me to know everything that I shall want before I leave school. Do you think you could possibly let me leave at Christmas because I am so very dull here with not any companions at all and nothing to do in my spare time but to stand about on the heath, and if I stay on after Christmas I shall be doing nothing at all either in school or out but what I am doing now, as I am as high in the school as I can get.

Perhaps you will think by..

... this letter that I am very discontented; I used not to mind being here, but this last term since all my companions have left I certainly have felt very dull.

Hoping that you will think about me leaving, I remain, your affectionate son.