The HUNTRISS Connection


Shirts, the study and skating

Thanks for your letter, all of my shirts are going on their fronts except the plain ones without tucks, I can't get them mended nor can I do it myself (though I do have to sew on my own buttons) and I have only one tie that will hide them.

Kempthorne has put me into the study which is rather better than being in the other ...

... room, only he often expects us to do without fires which is not very nice this weather.

Will you send me some more stamps as I have no more. I think the term ends in about three weeks.
We had a little skating here a few days ago, but not good; the ice was full of cracks and holes and a few chaps got in up to their necks. I got a very good pair of skates from Thomas - second hand of course- but they are as good as new and went splendidly.

I am glad to hear Papa is better.

I have nothing else to say so with love, I remain your affectionate son.

PS I asked in my last letter if Lelly or Jessy had been photographed though you did not see it as it was written on the envelope, if they have I should like one of each.