The HUNTRISS Connection


The tortoise is no longer.

Thank you for your letter. I am awfully sorry about my tortoise and I am writing to ask if it is not to far gone to have its shell kept and cured for me.

I can not write a long letter because I am in a hurry and have not much time and so please excuse bad writing it is almost supper time I believe.

There ose one word in your letter this morning that I could not quite make out it ...

... something that was being built it looked like helm but neither Harold nor myself could make it out. It came just after you had put about the colts being on Swires Road field.

It has been rainy all day here today, so I went to Gynmasium both at 12 and 4 instead of the bath.

I am glad that Papa's cough is better. Tell Ned that I shall perhaps write to him when I have time.

Yesterday we had mince pies for dinner with some beastly burnt brandy in them that tasted awfully bitter and gave me a bad headache for the rest of the day.

And now with best love to all I remain your affectionate boy